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Opera House – A cultural and architectural masterpiece

Budapest’s most significant 19th century is the gem of Andrássy út, the Opera House. When marvelling at this building, you will be embraced by the atmosphere of turn-of-the-century Budapest, when guests still arrived to the Opera House on horse-drawn carriages and went for an after-performance dinner at a nearby café. Budapest wouldn’t be the same without the Opera House or the ambiance created by the building. 

Miklós Ybl, Hungary’s most famous architect, designed the Hungarian Royal Opera House along with many other buildings in the capital. After it opened it was the centre of cultural life for several decades and only the World Wars stopped it from putting on performances. Since the end of World War II, it has been in operation continuously and plays host to renowned performances and artists. If you stay for several days, it is worth going to see an opera so you can enjoy the splendour of the interior and the beauty of the music.