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The green island of the city centre – Margit sziget

If you need some time off from the bustle of the city, we suggest a truly wonderful destination which is easy to access from downtown. Margit sziget is a public park which is a favourite leisure and meeting place of Budapest locals. The green island offers a great view to both the Pest and Buda sides. You can enjoy a pleasant walk on the bank of the Danube or at the centre of the island. In addition to several clubs and ruin pubs, new-wave restaurants and small snack bars offer culinary delights if you feel like eating or drinking. 

The island is also a sports centre. There is a more than 5-km long all-weather running track, an outdoor fitness park, an athletics centre, and the Palatinus Bath is available all year round. In the summer, the Palatinus operates as an open-air bath, however, it also welcomes visitors in the winter with a swimming pool, wellness services and spa pools. One of the peculiarities of the island is the Musical Fountain which shoots up wondrous dancing columns of water in sync with classical pieces and international hits. 

Margaret Island is all about leisure. Several individual events are organized on its extensive grassy areas. During your walk, you might stumble upon folk music gigs, boot camp trainings or a badminton tournament. Visiting the island can take up the whole day, especially if you pack a picnic basket or buy one at a restaurant.